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B.E. Social - Covering the Basics of Social Media

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We all know the importance of social media but, what social media platforms are best for your business? How often should you post, and how do you build your audience?

These are just a few of the questions that immediately jump to my mind that need answers. So let’s get started.

  1. How Many Social Media Accounts Should You Have and Which Ones are Best for Your Business? Ask yourself: what social media accounts are my customers/potential customers/clients using? What do I have time for? (Be honest with yourself on this one). If you are managing your social media without outside help, you may want to limit the number of social media platforms you’re on. Managing 1-2 accounts, and managing them well, is much better than existing on 3+ social media platforms and not having the ability to keep up. Having abandoned social media accounts can suggest you are no longer in business, that you are unresponsive, or “don’t care” about your business. Only take on what you can handle or find a budget for someone to manage it for you. If you need help getting a handle on your social media, contact us.

  2. So Where Should You be "Socially Active"? That depends on your target market. Who are your consumers and who are you trying to reach? I often suggest Facebook since it has the largest population of users. In fact, over half of Canada’s population are regular Facebook users. That being said, if you only have the capacity to manage one social account well, and your target market is under 34, you may want to consider Instagram or Pinterest as your number one priority; depending on your business. If you have questions about what accounts would be most valuable to your business, call, text or email; we can help you navigate the social media waters.

  3. How Often Should You Post? Read and follow or risk getting put on “snooze”, “unfollowed” or even “unliked”. People like you, but you can get annoying if you post too much or always ask for something and give nothing back. Be aware and mindful when you post. Developing a social media strategy will help ensure you are meeting your business’ communication goals and the desires of your customers. Posting 1-3 times a week will keep you in your audience’s newsfeed without risking the aforementioned. Also take into account that if you post more than once a day you are splitting your audience, which means you have just cut out some of your audience for each post. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Questions? Contact us for more info on this topic.

  4. What Does it Mean to “Give Back” to My Customers? Don't always push sales, but do highlight products and features of your products and services. Tell your customers about how the product benefits them. DO post motivational, funny and/or light hearted content that is relatable to your audience and follows your brand. DO post branding content. Whether it’s information and snippets from your “brand story”, DYK’s about your brand, product, or service; give your customers reasons to feel even better about purchasing from you. Keep in mind, your customers are not always in the mood to listen to your sales spiel, they may just want to share a laugh with you. If it’s funny enough, they might even share it, which opens you up to expanding your audience. DO be relatable.

  5. Build Your Audience. You are one great campaign or awesome contest away from growing your audience. Each person you know is your door to a new audience. For example: If Charlotte shares my post on her facebook page (because that’s how she enters my awesome contest), her friend list of 542 people is now exposed to my post and page. Her friends share, and their friends share and now your business is in front of a lot of people. If you are using a contest to help build your audience, take it one step further and have someone tag a friend (or friends), like your page and share to enter which will maximize your potential of gaining new likes and follow. This is a great way to build your audience if you are a business to consumer type business. Business to business gets a little more challenging but there are still groups and pages that you can share to in an effort to build your business to business audience. Facebook has recognized the need to reach people outside of your friends list and offers a “boost post” service which allows you to get in front of people who are not currently within your network. “Boost post” is paid service through facebook which has become quite popular in today's reality. With the increase of use, naturally, your reach will decrease. However, with the right message and the right goal, boosting your post may be a good, and affordable option to expand your audience.

  6. Be sure you are making the most out of your budget by complementing your boosted post with other similar marketing material in other mediums. For example, if you are boosting a post about an amazing new line of all natural detergents and the goal of your boosted post is to build your audience by navigating the viewer back to your facebook page, make sure your cover photo or profile picture has a consistent look with that boosted post so the user can see, right away, they are in the right place. This is where you must reward their behaviour. They did what you wanted so what do they get in return? Maybe that cover photo, the one that looks like the boosted post, also has a code that provides a discount or free gift with purchase of that product line redeemable on your website.. When users understand that your business rewards them, they will continue to do what you ask in your marketing. For more information and great ideas about how to grow your audience and make the best our of your marketing budget, contact us. We can’t wait to brainstorm and B.E Creative with you!

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