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Getting your small business FOUND on Google!

Searching your computer or searching the internet.

You have successfully pulled together your website, you held your breath and pressed “Publish” and sent it out on the world wide web… BUT… when perform your first Google search, your website is nowhere to be found…. What could you have possibly missed?

Let me tell you the secret.

Google has these things, called “web crawlers” that search the internet for web pages to “index” - meaning they come up when someone searches their keywords. If you do nothing but simply “publish” your website, good luck getting indexed in the near future, especially if your SEO is not incredibly strong. With so many “fake” website out there, Google is overwhelmed by number of pages and sites popping up every day.

So what can you do to speed up the process? Google Search Console.

Go to Google and search “Google Search Console” and follow the instructions. Google Search Console will give you a snippet of code or number to add to your domain to prove that you own it, and that it is a legit site. Once you have successfully submitted your website to Google through Google Search Console, Google will automatically verify your domain and start crawling your site.

Generally, the first way your site will be “found on Google” will be using the domain and city in which the business resides. Ie. basic elements marketing and design Kincardine. Once your site comes up, it’s just a matter of time before all your pages are indexed with Google.

User friendly platforms, such as Wix, have easy ways of helping you through this process. If you are using a web platform, such as Wix, use their help feature to ensure you are copying the correct information from Google Search Console and pasting it into the correct area of your website.

Be sure you are using Google Search Console. Google has a variety of business features, such as Google Business and your Google Listing, which can get a bit confusing. More about these other Google features to come.

Having trouble submitting your site to Google? Let’s Chat. We can help you through it.

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