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Let's Talk Branding!

What is a brand?

The answer - everything that makes your company identifiable as your company. Ie. Your logo, colour pallet, building, employees, culture, website etc.

If a brand was a person, it would be their name, their face, their style of clothing and anything else that makes them recognizable to the outside world. There is a reason our names and faces are unique - so we can be identified by family, friends, acquaintances etc.; your brand is no different.

Have you ever met a really beautiful/handsome person and they seemed to stick out in the crowd to you? From the way they dressed to the colour of their eyes, they were memorable. This is what you strive to create for your business when you are developing your brand. You want to stand out from the crowd and be memorable to your target audience. From the products you carry, the services you provide, to the colours and font you choose; think about what would catch your target market's attention and be memorable to them.

Branding is the key to awareness, successful marketing, promotion and sales. Here's why:

  1. If people do not know who you are, you don't exist to your customers.

  2. If your brand doesn't speak to your target market, you're missing sales opportunities.

  3. If you don't stand out, people won't remember you.

Do you remember seeing this quote posted on my Facebook page? It's such a perfect way to explain the importance of knowing your target market and what speaks to them so you can build a brand that is memorable. If you do not fit into your target market profile, keep your emotions, likes and dislikes out of your branding. After all, have you ever seen people successfully catch fish with strawberries and cream?

Branding is an important part of your business. If you are looking to start a new business or brand, or refresh an old brand, give me a call or send me an email and let's chat.

I can't wait to meet you!

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