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Not Hiring a Professional Could be Making You Look Stupid

First off, I am going to be overly blunt here, so I apologize in advance for hurting your feelings; but this needs to be said.

Choosing not to invest in professional services could be making your business look stupid.

There is good reason for going to a hair dresser for a hair cut. Most people unsuccessfully do a great job cutting their own hair; the art of graphic design is no different.

There are way too many businesses out there flaunting their “bowl cuts” and not understanding why they are lacking clientele or lacking the clientele they are targeting.

I understand that desperate times, like the current pandemic, require desperate measures, but in today’s society, most individuals choose a professional; and it shows.

I am continually baffled by individuals who request a quote and immediately drop off, never to be heard from again. I know exactly what goes through their mind “pffft I can do that myself for way less”. The truth is, you absolutely can! The same way you can cut your own hair, build your own house and fix your own car.

Almost anyone can research, google and youtube their way through just about any task or project. At the end of the day, how much time have you invested to learn the skills required to execute the task, did you complete the whole project or just what you can see, and what does your project end up looking like? Not to mention, did you stop to understand the theory behind the choices that were made, did you “borrow” (steal) someone else’s design? Have you stopped to make sure your product functions as it should, and will withstand the test of time? A door to your house won’t stand without walls. And don’t forget, most people can tell if you DIY’d your trim and your hairdresser will certainly call you out for that box dye you used. In the end, your professional hairdresser is the one that has to work extra hard to fix what you broke when you tried the second box dye and the colour didn’t come right, and now - you guessed it - you look stupid…

So go take a good long look at your logo, your website, your print material and every other form of communication that you have put out on behalf of your businesses and ask yourself, “Do I look professional?” If your answer is no, drop the “bowl cut” and let’s chat.

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