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The Absolute "Must Do's" After You Launch Your Website

3, 2, 1... Publish! ( 👏 ) ...But your mission is not quite over yet.

You read the earlier post about why you may not be "Getting Found on Google" which was a reminder to connect your website to Google Search Console and ensure you have, at least, the minimum SEO settings filled out on your DIY website. Without this, it could take years before your site is indexed; meaning there is no way an organic search will take new or existing client or customer to your website with a simple search.

I wanted to follow-up on this topic and tell you, in my opinion, the absolute "must do's" after launching your website.

  1. Connect your website to Google Search Console to have your site crawled by Google resulting in your website's Home page immediately showing up when a search is performed. Without this step, clients or customers could type in your business name and still not find you online. As a user, this is incredibly frustrating. By completing this imperative step, your Home page will be indexed and therefore "found" on Google immediately after Google verifies you own the domain the you registered.

  2. Google My Business. The more exposure you have on the world wide web, the better search results your website will have. Its worth the taking the time to register your business with Google via "Google My Business". Don't forget to add your website link to this listing. The more "backlinks" to your website, the easier it is to find you.

  3. Yellow Pages. Submit your business information for your free listing. Its worth fielding the sales calls for the additional exposure online.

Social Media sites are also a great way for getting found on searches. Back linking your website to popular platforms, such as Facebook, will help build your online presence. Facebook profiles come up in the top 5 all the time because of Facebook's huge online presence. If you are able to manage a basic social media page, it's a great way to increase your searchability and online presence. Read about the dos and don'ts of social media here.

For more information, send me an email or give me a call and Let's Chat!

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